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Instead of Attending on Site Church Events and Paster Speech, Users Can Now Attend It Online.

From Client

Our client, a dedicated pastor and social activist in the USA, plays a pivotal role in his community by organizing and leading various events and social activities. His commitment to community service is complemented by his keen interest in leveraging technology to enhance engagement and participation.

The core objective of this project is to develop a comprehensive mobile application, compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. This app aims to address the challenges faced in streaming events online in real-time and improving event attendance. The client envisions a digital solution that not only streams live events but also nurtures a community forum and hosts a podcast playlist.

Goals & Objectives


Live Event Streaming: The application must include a feature for live streaming events, ensuring that community members can participate in real-time, regardless of their physical location. This requires a robust and reliable streaming capability to handle simultaneous viewership.


Event Attendance and Reminders: To combat the issue of attendees forgetting events, the app should incorporate a notification and reminder system. This feature will alert users about upcoming events, enhancing participation rates.


Community Forum Integration: A vital component is the development of a community forum within the app. This platform will serve as a space for members to engage, discuss, and collaborate on various topics, fostering a sense of unity and belonging.


Podcast Playlist Feature: The inclusion of a podcast playlist will offer users access to a curated selection of relevant and inspiring content, enhancing their spiritual and social experience.


User-Friendly and Modern Design: While the client emphasizes the need for an easy-to-read and neat interface, he also desires a modern and aesthetically pleasing design. Balancing these elements is crucial to attract and retain a diverse user base.


Accessibility and Inclusivity: Considering the varied demographics of the community, the app must be designed with accessibility and inclusivity in mind, ensuring that it is easily navigable for all users, irrespective of their age or tech-savviness.

Solution Provided by Our Team for the Community Engagement App

Tackling the unique challenges presented by our client, a pastor and social activist in the USA, our team developed a multifaceted mobile application solution. This solution is tailored to enhance community engagement through live event streaming, a community forum, and podcast playlist functionalities.

1. User Persona Analysis and Design:
End User Persona Collection: We began by gathering insights into the end-user persona, focusing on the diverse community members, including the elderly.
UX Stories and Wireframes: Based on these insights, we crafted User Experience (UX) stories and designed wireframes. This approach ensured that the app's design was user-friendly, easy to navigate, and particularly accommodating for elder users.
2. Mobile Application Design:
The application was designed with an emphasis on simplicity and accessibility, ensuring it is user-friendly for all age groups, including the elderly.
3. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development:
We developed an MVP version of the app for initial testing with real users and event organizers. This phase was crucial in gathering feedback and validating the app’s functionalities.
4. Full-Fledged Mobile Application Development:
Following the successful testing and feedback on the MVP, we proceeded to design and develop the full-fledged mobile application.
5. Live Audio Streaming Solution:
To tackle the challenge of live audio streaming, we employed Wowza as a third-party tool, coupled with Amazon Elastic Transcoder from AWS. This integration ensured high-quality and reliable live streaming capabilities.
6. Implementation of Firebase Notifications:
We implemented Firebase notifications to alert users about community activities and live streaming events, enhancing engagement and participation.
7. Dedicated Event Streaming App:
A separate application was provided for event organizers, featuring controls to start, pause, and end audio streams. It also allowed for playing music during breaks, offering a versatile streaming experience.
8. Real-Time Community Updates: and Node.js for Live Updates: For live community updates, we utilized with Node.js, enabling real-time communication within the community forum.
Conclusion: The solution our team delivered effectively bridges technology with community engagement, offering a modern and accessible platform for live event streaming, community interaction, and inspirational content. This comprehensive app not only meets the client’s vision but also sets a new standard for digital community engagement in social and religious contexts.

Technology We Used

NodeJs MongoDB Swift Kotlin AWS Wowza

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