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From Client

Hailing from New York, USA, our client is a passionate photographer and a savvy digital marketer. His vision combines his love for photography with his expertise in digital marketing to create a unique platform that bridges the gap between photographers and those in need of photography services.
The project's core objective is to develop a state-of-the-art mobile application that enables businesses and individuals to easily book photography sessions. This app aims to revolutionize the way photography services are rendered and delivered, incorporating cutting-edge AI/ML technologies for photo enhancement.

Goals & Objectives


Seamless Booking Experience: The app must provide a streamlined process for users to book photography sessions. It should effectively match clients with nearby photographers, who can then accept or reject the booking requests based on availability and suitability.


Photographer-Client Matching Algorithm: A sophisticated algorithm is required to efficiently match clients with the most suitable photographers based on location, expertise, and client requirements. This feature is critical in ensuring high satisfaction rates for both clients and photographers.


On-Demand Service Model: The platform needs to operate on an on-demand model, allowing photographers to respond promptly to service requests. This approach requires real-time notification and response systems within the app.


Automated Photo Enhancement: Post-capture, the photographers will upload the photos to a web panel where advanced AI/ML algorithms will automatically adjust aspects like contrast, colors, sharpness, and lighting. This feature aims to significantly reduce the time and effort spent on manual photo editing while ensuring high-quality results.


Efficient Delivery Mechanism: Once the photos are enhanced, the platform must facilitate their delivery to the customer in a timely and secure manner. This process should be smooth and user-friendly, enhancing customer satisfaction.


Quality Control and Feedback Loop: The application should incorporate mechanisms for quality control and customer feedback. This includes ensuring the quality of photography services and the effectiveness of the AI/ML enhancements.

Solution We Provided

Addressing our New York client's innovative vision, our team developed a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates user experience, advanced technology, and operational efficiency in a photography booking and enhancement platform.

1. User Persona Analysis and Design:
End User Persona Collection: We initiated the project by conducting an in-depth analysis of the end-user persona. This helped us understand the diverse needs of both photographers and clients seeking photography services.
UX Stories and Wireframes: Building on the persona insights, we crafted engaging User Experience (UX) stories, laying the foundation for intuitive and user-friendly wireframes. These wireframes were pivotal in designing the app’s interface, ensuring ease of navigation and interaction.
2. Mobile Application Design:
We designed the mobile application with a focus on user-friendliness, ensuring that both photographers and clients can navigate the app with ease and efficiency.
3. Technology Stack Selection:
To optimize development costs and timelines, we chose a hybrid technology stack. This strategic choice allowed us to create an app that functions seamlessly across multiple platforms while maintaining high performance.
4. Development of Custom ML Image Processing Algorithm:
After extensive research, we found that existing ML image processing algorithms did not meet our specific needs. This led us to develop our own custom algorithm. Custom Algorithm Development: Our team designed and developed a bespoke ML image processing algorithm. This algorithm automatically adjusts contrast, colors, sharpness, and lighting in the photographs, ensuring high-quality photo enhancement.
5. AWS Services Integration:
Storage and Processing: We integrated AWS services for the secure storage and efficient processing of images. This choice provided scalability and reliability in handling large volumes of data.
Image Delivery: Leveraging AWS, we ensured smooth and rapid delivery of enhanced images to clients, maintaining high-resolution quality.
6. Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD):
We utilized AWS for CI/CD, enabling us to streamline our development process. This approach allowed for frequent and reliable code updates, ensuring the app remains up-to-date and secure.

Conclusion: Our solution effectively brings to life the vision of a comprehensive photography booking and enhancement platform. By integrating user-centric design, a custom ML algorithm, and robust AWS services, we have created an application that not only simplifies the booking process but also revolutionizes photo enhancement in the photography industry.

Technology We Used

NodeJs MongoDB Swift Kotlin AWS

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